Sunday, January 31, 2010

ziploc baggies



These are a few of the lunch and snack baggies I made, they all have a cotton outside, velcro closing, and either a canvas or nylon lining. They are all machine washable, and an eco-friendly version of the plastic baggies that are made from plastic. Eco-friendly and cost efficient!! You can't get much better then that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Things





Party Dresses/ flower and 1st Communion




doll clothes

doesn't this baby look a little crazy??? creepy. My daughter has a dress that matches the overalls above. And the jumper below is a simple jumper that has a button closer on the back.


This baby is Hannah Rose and she is my daughters baby, she is such a good mom to Hannah Rose. She loves the little sling because she can still do all her mommy duties like cook and clean, home school the bigger kids with Hannah Rose right next to her snug and sound asleep.

I just love this little hat and jacket, isn't she cool?!



All dressed up and I bet they do have somewhere to go!!

Halloween Costumes

My kids just LOVE to dress up and so it seems I always am making new dress up/ play clothes.




These top pictures are costumes I made 3ish years ago. I made them very big, to allow for street clothes or maybe even jackets to go under. So when trick or treating they would still be able to have there costumes show. They are just period piece dresses that I had fun with the fabric on. And the girls still enjoy wearing them.


Both my girls actually have outfits like this, they are supposed to be little house on the prairie but my girls like to play peasant girl, or saint, or poor servant instead?! 


Even my son gets in on the fun.

girls spring/ summer dresses

Could she be any more dramatic???




I love little girls in spring dresses, I just wish we could have been outside for these pictures, but it's colder then a monkey's uncle in the greater Chicago land area in January.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Although I made this blog for my customers to be able to see what I have made in the past, I do love a good sewing, needle craft, quilting blog that gives me fun ideas and might tell me how they made a project. So with that in mind and the fact that I have 2 followers, (Thank you ladies! it made my day to see someone was following this blog.) I do believe that I will to some extent be posting instructions for some of the projects I post on this blog. With that said I also know that when you are a crafter and see something you like you want to make one yourself. So if you see something you like and I did not post instructions, please contact me and I will tell you how I did it.

Happy Crafting,

Scrappy 8 pointed stars

I made this fun scrappy quilt with any leftover fabric that was big enough.


I love the colors of this small lap quilt.


This fun little bag is great for holding your games when the box gives up on you! It can be made any size depending on the game you need it to fit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Just a reminder to anyone that stops by, check back often. I will be posting lots of new pictures of my products on this site everyday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

scrappy messenger

This fun messenger style bag has an adjustable strap and inside pockets. You could use this fun bag for anything from a school/book bag, a purse or a diaper bag.

peasent bag

This cute little bag can be made in scrappy or solid colors.

Bag It!

this cute bag is made with tons of pocket space. Around the outside is 6 deep pockets and the inside has 5 more. Loop and button closure at the top helps to keep things in. And the lining is made from the same fabric as the outside pockets. This great bag could be used for about anything, diaper bag, purse, school bag, the possibilities are endless.

Snack Baggies


tired of wasting money on plastic baggies? Each of these reusable lunch baggies come with a Velcro closing and are machine washable. Comes in your choice of cotton or waterproof nylon lining. No exposed seams. These baggies measure 31/2 X 8 

Let's Pray

This is cute light weight bag and Rosary comes with a rosary pouch and a illustrated book that tells you the mysteries of the Rosary. Perfect for young children, 1st Holy Communion or yourself. The rosary pouch matches the bag and has a beaded drawstring closure. Each piece is made just for you! If you have a preference for the St. medal or for the Rosary colors let me know. You can also get a name on the back of the bag. Lining may vary. 



These are handmade Rosaries. Center, crucifix, and saint medal will vary.

Rosary with carrying pouch

These are handmade rosaries that come with a beaded, drawstring pouch. Colors and rosaries will vary.

PLease check back often

I will be posting new products often, please check back.